Tom Hoppe

Tom Hoppe, VP of Sales

A youthful veteran of over 20 years in the loan industry, Tom started out in retail in the late 90’s and worked for a couple smaller brokers before going to work for New Century and then on to Bank of America.  In 2003 he discovered wholesale lending and found his passion in the loan industry.  Having completed and served in many aspects of wholesale lending, be it on a national basis or serving as an inside manager, Tom has always had success wherever he worked at and has been a top producer.  Be it a small start up or an existing group with a national platform, Tom has taken the challenge head on.  Over the course of time he started a prosperous relationship with Keith and Prime Choice Funding.  The relationship bloomed while Tom was at PMAC and it carried on to many of the other places he was at such as Orion Lending and TMS and some smaller shops.  Overall, during the course of, time Tom has overseen the personal origination of almost $3 Billion in addition to overseeing his teams produce.  He loves seeing the growth of his people and the excitement and rapid escalation in production here at PCF Wholesale.  In his free time, he loves spending time with his family.

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