EZ-DSCR | Investor Solutions*

The Best, Simplest and Easiest DSCR in the Industry.
Non-Owner No Income doesn’t have to be difficult | WE MAKE IT EZ to Qualify!

Finally, a DSCR product built by PCF Wholesale that just works. Sound too easy? Exactly! At PCF Wholesale “Built for Brokers” helps you close more loans with our Alt-Choice Product Suite with Ease and Great Pricing!

  • Qualify off the I/O payment (40 yr I/O terms available)
  • No Income / No Reserves (to $1.5M) / No Employment on 1003
  • Gift Funds allowed
  • 80% LTV on Purchases
  • First time Investors to 75% LTV
  • Cash-out to 75% LTV
  • Cash-out can be used for reserves
  • FICO’s down to 600
  • Soft prepayment options
  • Use 100% of the rents in most cases
  • Unlimited properties OK
  • Rates in the 5% range!!
No more LE / CD waiting period**
No more Appraisal delivery waiting period**
No more Intent to proceed waiting period**
No more Tolerance cures**
You can close loans in less than 10 days!**

Not approved? No problem! You can submit loans now while your partner approval is being processed! Get started

* See product matrices for all details | Products subject to change without notice.
** PCF Wholesale will continue to prepare/send initial disclosures & follow state rules. A closing disclosure can be prepared prior to docs at brokers request.

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